Embarrassing Status Of Nigerian Roads

(Last Updated On: 2021-11-01)


For cover this week, the Editorial Board decided to take a look at the appalling state of the nation’s road – the federal highways, state and local government roads. Twice in the past weeks, the story had been picked to go in particular editions only for it to be to be “toppled” by other issues in the news. It was almost dropped again this week for the new wave of terrorism in the land occasioned by explosion that almost derail an Abuja-Kaduna train.

In the past, as the years is going to an end, Nigerians who are living and working outside their home state would be preparing to travel back home to enjoy the Christmas and New Year holiday with their parents and extended families at home. That is time, people have opportunity of enjoying pleasurable rides to their various states across the country.

Today, Nigerians are no more interested in travelling home during holidays. They are afraid of travelling on our roads because the roads are bad. Road accident has become a daily occurrence on Nigerian roads. Travellers on our highways across the six geopolitical zone of the country runs high risk everyday plying these death traps called highways.

On daily basis across the country, road transport workers, commuters and other road users share the risk on of being consumed by accidents or get abducted by kidnappers who now take advantage of bad roads to perpetrate evil acts on our highways. Lagos-Ibadan expressway, Oyo – Ogbomosho road, Sagamu-Ore- Benin expressway, Benin-Auchi road and several others in the six geo-political zones in the country have all turned into death traps.

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In fact, majority of State roads across the 36 State across the country are not better. The long wait for this report has eventually paid off, as you will discover when you read the story.

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