Routed Unveils First Vendor Neutral Cloud Platform  

(Last Updated On: 2017-03-27)

Routed has launched its vendor neutral cloud platform to address South Africa needs of a cloud platform that is reliable, scalable and secure.

Andrew Cruise, managing director, Routed, said the cloud market is on an immense growth curve and 2017 will be a significant year for overall adoption.

He said: “With the high availability of fibre we are seeing more interest in cloud services. This is mirrored internationally where SMBs are already adopting more cloud services in what will be the largest service adoption shift across the entire IT market space. While locally, we don’t expect such a dramatic uptake immediately, we do believe that there is significant opportunity for secure, robust and reliable cloud hosting services.”

Aimed primarily at the enterprise sector, Routed will market its’ cloud and infrastructure solutions through ISPs and managed service providers as well as other channel partners. Cruise says they collaborate closely with well-respected suppliers of hardware and software to design, deploy, manage and support Routed’s platform.

He added, “Routed is already in partnership with companies such as VMWare, NetApp, Acronis, Microsoft and Dell. We have used our knowledge across these technologies to build what we know will be the first vendor neutral, open access and most reliable cloud infrastructure platform in South Africa.”

According to him, the company is working on a “pay per use” model to further meet the requirements of local businesses, while also structuring its approach in a way that makes it economically viable for clients moving forward.

Cruise said, “Cloud has traditionally been seen as expensive, which it can be, but Routed has taken its combined intellectual capital and developed a solution set that makes cloud viable for businesses now, and when they scale up and grow in the years to come. Our approach is unique and has not been seen before in South Africa. Our vendor neutral stance is a key benefit, as we work with every client to provide the best solution for them based on our pre-defined solutions that take all aspects of cloud services into account.”

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