Turkish Airlines enhances passengers security screening with TSA Agreement

Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines
(Last Updated On: 2017-05-28)



Turkish Airlines has added another feature to its global offerings through its new agreement with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).


Members of a Department of Homeland Security trusted traveler programme may now experience TSA Pre expedited screening at airport security checkpoints in the United States. Light jackets, shoes, and belts may remain on.


In TSA Pre lanes, laptops and 3-1-1 compliant liquids remain in carryon bags. Children 12 and under accompanying a parent or guardian with TSA Pre also receive expedited screening. In April 2017, 97 per cent of TSA Prepassengers waited for less than 5 minutes.


TSA Prescreening is available to members of Global Entry and the TSA Precheck Application Program. TSA Prescreening is also available to U.S. citizens and U.S. lawful permanent residents enrolled in NEXUS or SENTRI, and to Canadian citizens enrolled in NEXUS.

To experience TSA Pre✓®, members enrolled in a trusted traveler program must add their Known Traveler Number to reservations with Turkish Airlines at the kiosk or check-in counters. When checking in, a TSA Preindicator will appear on each boarding pass.

TSA Preallows travellers to save time and stress by going through security faster without having the need to remove many of their personal accessories.


Turkish Airlines’ Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officr, Mr. Bilal Ekşi, said; “The comfort and convenience of our passengers is the first priority for Turkish Airlines. Through this collaboration we are constantly striving to create a smooth and comfortable flying experience for them.

“TSA Preis a highly reputable program which always works with the leading airlines in the world. We are confident that this new agreement will support us in further enhancing the overall quality of our ground handling services to our passengers depart from U.S.”

According to him, Turkish Airlines continues to improve its in-flight offerings and airport services, as it strives to provide the world’s best passenger experience and will stay committed to its aim and goals in always providing its passengers with the best possible overall service.


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