Liverpool Needs Quality Imports — Van Dijk 

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Virgil van Dijk acknowledges Liverpool will need quality reinforcements to arrive in the summer as the rebuild of manager Jurgen Klopp’s formerly great team continues.

They recently exited the Champions League at the hands of Real Madrid and the manner in which they surrendered over two legs – a 5-2 defeat at home followed by a 1-0 loss in the Bernabeu – without much of a fight was concerning for a side with such a good pedigree.

“Obviously players are going to leave. That’s obviously been announced so we have to, if we want to be where we have been the last five years, we need quality imports, especially with those players leaving,” said defender Van Dijk.

“I think that’s quite obvious but everyone knows that’s going to be very difficult.

“It is going to be very difficult to find the right players but the club has to do their job in this case.

“We still have a lot of games to play for us and we want to be in the Champions League. I think that will also help to attract the best players in the world. Not all the time but it will definitely help.”



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