Guardiola Defends Selling Zinchenko, Jesus

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(Last Updated On: 2023-01-26)

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has defended the decision to sell Oleksandr Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal last summer.

The former City pair moved to north London in two separate deals worth a combined £75m for Arsenal – and both Zinchenko and Jesus are now sitting above their former club at the top of the Premier League table.

Asked if it was a mistake to sell the City pair, Guardiola said: “Why not? Because they are winning?

“Alex and Gabriel had been amazing with us, they had amazing respect as people and also football players.

“I would like to beat them but all the success they had and with their families, it’s going well. I’m more than delighted. It happened because both players and clubs agreed with that.

“Many times Alex could have said ‘I want to leave’ but he stayed. Gabriel is the same. We agreed [to sell them] because they were here a lot of years and [they wanted] a new challenge and Arsenal wanted them.

“It happened in a natural way. It’s going well for them, congratulations. We have to beat them and be closer to them, not just tomorrow but in the next weeks and the season.”

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