Fighting Spirit of Our Men, Women in Uniform is Strong, Resilient — Defence Spokesman

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The Director, Defence Media Operations, Maj.-Gen. Edward Buba, says the military will continue to deal decisively with those who have taken up arms against the country until they are brought to their knees.

”The fighting spirit of our men and women in uniform is strong, resilient, focused, proud and committed, we understand that we have no choice but to continue to fight to defeat the enemy and create a safer environment for citizens,” he said.

He therefore said any group that took up arms arms against the nation ”is inviting severe military action and would be dealt with decisively”.

Buba, who said this on Thursday in Abuja during the bi-weekly news briefing on the operations of the Armed Forces, said the biggest support the military require was the total and unconditional support of the people.

According to him, support from the civil populace would galvanise the troops to totally defeat the terrorists and other criminals across the country.

“The time is now for citizens to know that they have a responsibility to the nation,” the defence spokesman added.

Buba noted that most of the security challenges in the country, including banditry, terrorism, kidnapping illegal mining, and secession agitations, were the handiwork of citizens for self aggrandisement.

“Our security situation is self inflicted; the military recognise that there is still a challenging and tough war campaign ahead, our objective is to defeat the terrorists and their cohorts by denying them the ability to continue to fight,” he added.


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