PFS achieves CMMI-DEV rating, strengthens ICT sector’s trust

(Last Updated On: 2017-05-17)

Having satisfied the requirements of all process areas of Capability Maturity Model Integration [CMMI] appraisal, Nigeria software powerhouse, Precise Financial Systems [PFS] has strengthened the information and communication technology [ICT] sector of the economy with achievement of CMMI level 3.

General Manager, Nihilent West Africa, the company that performed the appraisal, Shohel Noor said PFS has invested effort and tools in institutionalizing the Maturity Level 3 practices. The adoption of CMMI by PFS “is strengthening Nigerian ICT sector’s trust in the CMMI framework and in Nihilent as a partner”.

Managing Consultant and CMMI Lead Appraiser, Nihilent Technologies Ltd., Pune, Deepak Manjareka, informed that PFS is one of the fastest growing software companies in West Africa. He added that the company has demonstrated the best use of various software engineering tools for better security, delivery, and institutionalization of Maturity Level 3 practices.

“CMMI is applied to create a process improvement solution that is appropriate to the context of each unique organization. It provides a path for an organization to achieve its performance goals. A CMMI-driven improvement project delivers a framework to standardize processes, ensuring that a business’ best practices are captured, shared and adopted so that it can move staff around the organization and those who leave the organization would not take business critical information away with them”, he said.

Competition is driving significant interest in CMMI. Development companies, service provider, and acquisition/outsourcing organizations are adopting CMMI as a differentiator and enabler to enhance performance. Competing companies are leveraging CMMI for industry best practices, and have adopted the approach to meet customer demands and competition. The growing popularity of CMMI in the market is also a big reason of adoption of this practice by companies.

CMMI is a process improvement training and certification programme, marketed by Carnegie Mellon University. Government agencies and many organizations required CMMI for software development contracts. It has 25 different process areas that cater to comprehensive business process improvement and solution. Each CMMI process area has two goals, two practices, and many educational information to help management make the right strategies.

The certification applies to sub-contractors that provide custom software to companies or create solutions for the government. These companies must follow CMMI or be covered by their clients.  Parts of the software product delivered to the government must follow CMMI in the supply chain.

MD/CEO, PFS, Yele Okeremi said the CMMI appraisal has a global impact on the company since software firms are no longer competing locally, but globally. He added that Nigeria needs to conserve foreign exchange and one of the ways to do this is by developing world-class solution, “this is what the CMMI has helped PFS to achieve”.

He said CMMI not only rated the maturity of the company’s process. It provides a level of assurance that the company engaged for the project would complete it on time and price quoted. “The country needs to build capabilities and enhance competencies in order to compete internationally. Therefore, for Nigerians “who have penchant for consuming foreign software, better quality options are here”.

CMMI appraisal for development has many advantages. CMMI would lead to the development of better quality products. As such, “Now we have improved our processes and any government agencies and private firm that engage PFS means that the products we are providing will be of high quality”.

According to him, another benefit CMMI has brought to the company is that with the certification, the company can now provide accurate schedules and realistic timelines, which would lead to realistic deadlines for product releases. “The CMMI appraisal therefore provides the best practices throughout the product lifecycle to ensure we offer timely delivery and quality products to clients”.

He explained that the quality of software is only as good as the process used to develop and maintain it. According to him, a software organization “is competing in the marketplace. Its software process is a critical success factor. Well thought out improvements to the process will significantly contribute to the organization’s performance. That is what CMMI has done for PFS”.

Okeremi said Nihilent West Africa is one of the recognized CMMI Institute partners. CMMI provides a proven approach that has enabled diverse organizations to realize benefits in terms of dramatically improved project predictability and consistency.

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