Turkish Airlines Thrills Passengers with Special Headsets

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Nahimah Ajikanle Nurudeen

Turkish Airlines has again thrilled its passengers through a world class entertainment experience with the introduction of a special headset to its economy class (EC) passengers on long-haul flights.

According to the airline, by continuously aiming to further increase the passenger satisfaction, Turkish Airlines offers a state-of-the-art headset to its economy class passengers on their long haul flights.

As a starting point, the airline said the new service will be effective in all United States flights as from March 30, 2017 and will also be effective for all long haul flights of Turkish Airlines as from May, this year.

“The passengers will feel more comfortable by experiencing this high quality headset, specially designed for long flight hours,” the airline said in a statement.

Also, “By taking the advantage of this headset on long haul flights of the airline, the passengers will also be able to uninterruptedly enjoy the awarded in-flight entertainment system, Planet, includes a wide variety of entertainment options for all preferences.”

With the service, Turkish Airlines said it continues to improve its inflight offerings –just as the other various services– in order to make its passengers feel more special and valued throughout the flight.

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