KariosWebTV Launches ‘SMEPR-KIT’ Solution for Small Businesses

(Last Updated On: 2017-03-20)

Nahimah Ajikanle Nurudeen

KairoswebTV, the proprietary and sole Online-TV Network in Nigeria has announced the launch of SMEPR-KIT’, an Online PR and Social Media Communication Platform focused on Small and medium businesses in Nigeria and West Africa at large.

The solution is a component of DigitalPR-Wire, specifically designed for the delivery of online visibility and optimal web presence using Digitalprwire’s press release distribution solution, online monitoring, analytics, social media communication and press release writing services for start-ups and other businesses in need of publicity but lack the financial muscles to tackle such challenge.

Speaking on the new solution, Mr. Celestine Achi, founder and chief executive officer of Cihan Group, said that SMEPR-Kit was developed to cater for small businesses who lack the financial muscles to afford services of multinational PR agencies, yet in dire need of the services to educate and inform the public about their products and/or services.

According to him, the solution rides on the backbone of DigitalPRWire which has become a toast of multinational corporations, PR Agencies and Government Agencies; hence “as a small business why burdened with issues of handling your own public relations or thinking about hiring a consultant, SMEPR-Kit is an affordable but effective PR-Wire to boost your business’s recognition and engagement in within and Outside Nigeria”.

“There is a popular saying, ‘You might have a great story to tell, but getting the word out — and more importantly, getting the media interested — requires some real PR Know-How’. True! Behind nearly every news feature, event coverage, product/service launch, profile or review about any company is a great public relations strategy.

“As a start-up or small business, that you couldn’t’ afford the budget to keep a PR firm on retainer, doesn’t mean you can’t have a professional-level media outreach strategy,” Achi said.

He urged start-ups and SMEs to take advantage of SMEPR-Kit comprehensive features for their businesses.

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