A-Z Petroleum Calls for Collaborations to Curb Products Counterfeits

L-R; Umunna Chukwuma, Quality Assurance Manager A-Z Petroleum, Dikanna Okafor, Executive Director Corporate Services A-Z Petroleum & Ameachi A. Chukwu, Head Marketing Research& Development, A-Z Petroleum at the 10th Oil Trading and Logistics Expo in Lagos recently.
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(Last Updated On: 2016-10-28)

A-Z Petroleum, a key player in the downstream oil and gas industry and one of the 13 subsidiaries of Chicason Group has reiterated its commitment to the Nigerian downstream oil industry with determination curb products counterfeits.

The company which made its presence known at the just concluded Oil Trading and Logistics Expo where a wide range of their products were showcased, has promised its support for the sector to grow awareness and project the image of the industry.

The company also shared some of its experiences in the downstream sector like counterfeiting of petroleum products and fake lubricants being brought into the market. They however assured Nigerians that the view for the Nigerian downstream sector is looking very positive and hope that these issues will be addressed to create room for more manufacturing in the country.

Speaking at the Expo, Dikanna Okafor Executive Director corporate services Chicason Group said; “We constantly seek opportunities to reiterate our commitment in the industry and this is one event we are excited to have being part of. Every developed country is driven by industrialization and one thing common in industrialization is machineries that need lubricants to function effectively. As an economy grows, more cars will be on the roads and this would mean increased use of petroleum products which A-Z has ensured with its production of high quality lubricants and greases. Also, the minimal involvement of the Government in the downstream sector has led to efficiency and improved service delivery to customers.”

A-Z petroleum also used the opportunity to educate customers on some measures it has taken to eradicate fake products like the tamper proof which prevents adulterating of A-Z product in the market. This is to ensure that the quality of its products cannot be compromised.

Organizers of the Oil Trading and Logistics Expo expressed excitement and fulfillment after a successful event and is grateful to be able to contribute to the growth of the Nigerian downstream oil and gas industry through this platform.

A-Z Petroleum Products Limited was incorporated in Nigeria in 1994 and commenced full operations in 1995. They are one of the leading manufacturers of various types of petroleum products and a major supplier of petroleum products to the African Market with offices spread across many African countries.



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