Wagner Mutiny Could Have Resulted In ‘Civil War’ — Putin

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Vladimir Putin has hailed Russia’s military and law enforcement for “stopping a civil war”.


The Russian president told some 2,500 members of the country’s security forces, National Guard and military units,= that the people and the armed forces had stood together in opposition to rebel mercenaries in Saturday’s aborted mutiny.


At the gathering, held on a square in the Kremlin complex, Mr Putin was joined by defence minister Sergei Shoigu, whose dismissal had been demanded by Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin during the assault.



He described the mutiny as an “extremely dangerous situation” and thanked those who helped bring it to an end.


He requested a minute of silence to honour Russian military pilots who were killed during the assault.


“A number of our comrades have died in the process. They fulfilled the order and their military duty with honour,” he said.


“Our resolution and courage, as well as the consolidation of the entirety of Russian society, has been huge and has played a defining role in overcoming these obstacles and the mutiny.


“You can see the army, society and people were one. This has allowed us to overcome the extremely dangerous situation that the country was in.”



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