Vladimir Putin to Deliver State Of The Nation Address On Feb.29

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President Vladimir Putin of Russia will deliver his state of the nation address on Feb. 29, two weeks before the presidential election in which he is seeking another six-year term.
Putin would address the Federal Assembly about his goals for the coming year, the Kremlin said on Tuesday.
It is all but certain that Putin would secure a fifth term in the elections set for March 15 to  March 17.
He had consolidated his grip on the country over the years, with members of the opposition banned, jailed and killed.
The candidates on the ballot who were not from United Russia, the party associated with Putin, supported his policies, meaning there was no genuine political competition.
The war in Ukraine is expected to loom large in the speech that would be broadcast on state television.
Feb. 29 is just five days after the two-year anniversary of Putin’s all-out invasion.
In the annual speech, Putin traditionally commented on the economy and social policies.
Many Russians were complaining about rising prices and the high cost of living in the world’s largest country by area.
It would be Putin’s 19th speech on the state of the nation.

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