Visual arts potentials can to take Nigeria out of unemployment woes- Experts

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(Last Updated On: 2016-09-15)

Artists, Collectors, art Critics, Journalists, Academics and Gallery Managers have posited that potentials in visual arts can assist in tackling the growing unemployment and poverty rates in Nigeria.

This position was made known by these stakeholders at an art exhibition  held the Yaba College of Technology Yusuf Grillo Gallery.

The group exhibition organized by Yaba College of Technology School of Art, Design and Printing department showcased different forms visual arts motivated many unemployed Nigerians to explore untapped commercial opportunities in visual arts towards increasing the growing enterprise in Nigeria’s visual art industry.

The arts exhibition according to Mr. Abdulrasheed Afolabi, a graphic communications lecturer, exhibitor and one of the coordinators of the group art exhibition titled “Visual arts, Communication and Creativity”, t was a huge success, judging by the attendance and excitements generated by issues raised at the exhibition. His book, titled Visual Communication; A Guide to media Production was also exhibited.

“Visual arts and communication are twin allied area our industry that are yielding money and helping to build enterprise development. For example, graphic art is an aspect of visual arts that deals with production of designs for the purpose of visual communication. Development and production of logos, posters, billboards, handbills, books, catalogues and banners are some of many by-products of the print media. Textile and fashion designs are great reference. Other creative enterprise like photography, painting, sculpture, textile and ceramics are great avenue for self employment”, he explained.

Ayoola Sobande, exhibitor and assistant curator described the one-week exhibition as a huge success because of  new vista of opportunities it opened his eyes and those of his students who came in heir numbers for the exhibition. His painting titled Olori- The Headmaster received wide accolades. The abstract works communicates human aspirations to be the best despite all odds.

A textile artist, Adeyoola Tajudeen who uses dye and fabrics to bring value to fashion and lifestyle stood out with some of his works that communicates nature and environment.

For olubunmi Adetayo, a printing technology lecturer and exhibitor described the exhibition as a very good outing, “At least, for the first time, artist, industrial design and printers are coming together to showcase their works”.

She explained that her publication, ‘Print Quest Workbook”, a curriculum based resource book for graphics and printing industry, is essential for students and professionals who wants to have deeper knowledge about graphics and printing.

Efforts of the organisers was further achieved with works exhibited by an experienced artist, Akinwande Taiwo, who deploys serigraphy and paint making to pass message of unity and Nigeria’s rich culture of traditional dance and Aso-Ebi.

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