UK To Waive Visa Fees For Ukraine Freedom Orchestra

(Last Updated On: 2022-06-29)

The UK will waive visa fees for the Ukraine Freedom Orchestra and the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra to perform in the UK, bowing to public pressure.

The musicians are due to come to the UK next month to perform at a series of events including BBC Proms and the Edinburgh International Festival for its 75th Anniversary.

Members of the Ukraine Freedom Orchestra need a Tier 5 creative worker visa to perform in the UK costing £259 per person, according to the Evening Standard.

The group needed about 70 visas and was reportedly facing a cumulative bill of over £18,000.

Ukraine Freedom Orchestra, which includes recent Ukrainian refugees, was formed to tour Europe and US this summer in “artistic defence” of their country.

Money raised from the tour will go to support Ukrainian artists.


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