Tyonex acquires coating machine to scale up ARV drugs production

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(Last Updated On: 2016-09-21)

Tyonex Group, one of Nigeria’s leading pharmaceutical marketing and manufacturing companies, has acquired a high-efficiency coating machine in a major upgrade of its anti retroviral drug production process.

The machine, which has already been installed in its factory at Igando, Lagos State will significantly enhance the quality of its ARVs and other product range as well as scale up the capacity of the facility, which is operated by its manufacturing arm, Divine Essential Formulation.

No fewer than seven of its personnel, including engineers, production and quality control specialists, have been duly trained and certified to man the machine.

For Tyonex Group’s Managing Director/CEO Pharm Emmanuel Tyohemba Agba, who broke the news in Lagos, the acquisition of the coating machine represents a milestone in the company’s fervent pursuit of quality.

He said: “This is a dream come true. We are constantly searching for ways to improve quality and capacity. The coating machine opens a whole new phase in our production and marketing processes. Essentially, it will mask the bitter taste of our ARVs and other product range in our stable, ensuring acceptability and patient compliance. It is a major boost to Government’s drive to control HIV and related ailments.”

Pharm Agba said the coating machine will also improve product presentation, making them more attractive to distributors and end-users.

Speaking shortly after the successful installation and training of personnel, Pharm Agba recalled that the acquisition of the coating machine was a fulfillment of a pledge to stakeholders in the healthcare sector, stressing that other quality enhancement measures were in the pipeline.

He added: “This is what we promised; now we have delivered. However, we are not resting on our oars. We shall not compromise on quality and patient satisfaction. Quality remains our No. 1 Priority, even as we are improving our production capacity. This is very much a key part of our vision but will also keep us on track to realise our long term goals for our stakeholders, partners and our workforce.”

Tyonex Group is the holding company for Tyonex Healthcare Limited, Divine Essential Formulation and Trinity Systems Limited.


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