Techplus 2017 to focus on Women Participation in Technology

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Nahimah Ajikanle Nurudeen
The organizers of Techplus 2017 have said that this year’s event will focus on empowering more women in technological development.

At Techplus 2017 conference, top-notch speakers would be assembled during the Women in Tech session to headline conversations on mentorship, promoting gender balance in technology and women empowerment.

According to a statement released by the organizers, experienced professionals will be brought in to share ways and methods of promoting women participation in technology and how they can best optimize their involvement in the local ecosystem to get to the next level.

Apart from women empowerment, other tracks on offer during the 2017 conference include promoting startups, Tech money, Tech for development, C-suite, Content, Media and Marketing, TechKids, e-Sports and Tech Meets Life. Thought leaders in all these fields would be invited to share about developments and applications in their various sectors.

Tech Kids will investigate the impact of devices and their technologies on families as well as parenting best practices in this new digital era. The e-Sports track seeks to explain how the rise of gaming has become infused into society and continues to evolve worldwide.

At the Tech Meets Life stream, the prevalence of technology and how it affects everyday life in health, agriculture, personal security etc. will be dissected. At Tech Money, the evolution of payment solutions and human behavior as it interfaces with digital payments are topics to anticipate. Whilst the Tech in Development will aim to dissect through a different lens, how existing technology can be used to achieve the required advancement.

The faculty for the Content, Media and Marketing through presentations will show how boundaries have blurred and will continue to do so when it comes to marketing, content and technology. C-suite tracks are geared to speak to business heads, assisting them with how to deploy and leverage tech to achieve market leadership and shape the future.

Participants are signing up in large numbers to attend different sessions as they demonstrate readiness to learn and create opportunities for personal growth to enrich and ‘energize’ their dreams. Panel discussions, speakers and vigorous interaction await each participant at any track of their choice.

TechPlus, an annual gathering of everything technology is a unique platform that provides a robust tripartite tech experience through its conferences, exhibitions and gaming structures whilst serving as a nexus for knowledge sharing and networking for consumers and businesses.

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