Taraba Workers Shut Down State Secretariat Over Non-payments of Salaries

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(Last Updated On: 2016-12-23)

Olumide Lawal


Workers in employment of Taraba State Government under auspices of Joint Public Service Negotiating Council has shut down the state secretariat in Jalingo to protest against non-payment of their salaries.


Addressing the workers, on Thursday, State Chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Peter Gambo, said the state government had continued to be insensitive to plights of the workers.


According to him, they were protesting against other irregularities in the payment of salaries of workers and pensions of retirees in the state, adding that local government workers and teachers had not been paid for eight months.


The chairman listed such irregularities as illegal deductions from salaries and subjection of workers to meaningless screenings and futile verifications by the government.


He also alleged that the union dues were deducted indiscriminately without being remitted to respective accounts of the unions and that government had given no explanations for this.


“Government has shown that the welfare of workers in the state is not its priority.Workers have been subjected to all kinds of belittling treatments in the name of screening and verifications that have not yielded any fruits apart from subjecting them to extreme hardships.


“The consultant has proven to be very incompetent in handling payment of salaries while the bank handling payment has clearly shown that it is confused. All these must stop now,” he said.


Addressing the protesters, the state Head of Service, Samuel Angyu, said the state government was aware of the workers’ complaints and was already taking steps to address them.


Angyu appealed to the workers to end the protest and make way for peaceful and civilized discussions on way forward.


The protesters carried placards which read: “One year of impunity and insensitivity must stop’’, “salary is a right not a privilege’’, “Starter Up must go’’ and “pensioners have right to a dignified living.”

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