Russia-Ukraine War: NATO On Track To Approve ‘Radical Changes’

(Last Updated On: 2022-06-23)


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – which is not in NATO has triggered a fundamental rethink in how the alliance deters President Vladimir Putin from attacking any of its 30 member states.

Long-standing defence plans that had not received much traction prior to 24 February, the day Moscow launched its all-out assault on Kyiv, are starting to become a reality as leaders meet for a landmark summit in Spain from 28-30 June.

“Overnight the mentality changed,” said a NATO military officer. “NATO now feels like it is electrified. You can feel the energy surging through the system.”

A diplomat predicted that the Madrid summit will deliver – or at least agree the framework to deliver – “a radical change in posture”.

There is disappointment though that a desire by historically neutral Sweden and Finland to join the alliance, in the ultimate snub to Mr Putin and win for the allies, has yet to be activated because of concerns by Turkey.

Ankara has accused Stockholm of harbouring Kurdish militants. T

UK is one of the allies trying to resolve the rift in time for Madrid.


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