Russia Ambassador Sues Italian Newspaper For Raising Possibility Of Killing Putin

L'ambasciatore della Federazione Russa in Italia Sergey Razov, durante la conferenza di presentazione sulle opportunita' di investimento in Russia alla Farnesina, Roma, 3 luglio 2017. ANSA/GIORGIO ONORATI
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The Russian ambassador to Italy, Sergey Razov, has announced he is suing Italian newspaper La Stampa over an article that raised the possibility of killing Vladimir Putin.

“Needless to say that this goes against the rules of journalism and morality,” Mr Razov told reporters in front of the prosecutor’s office in Rome after he had deposited the suit.

La Stampa published an analysis this week headlined “If killing the tyrant is the only option”.

The piece said that if all other options failed to halt the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the only solution would be for someone to kill the Russian leader.

Speaking through a translator, Mr Razov said his suit accused the newspaper of soliciting and condoning a crime.

La Stampa had not responded to a request for comment from Reuters at the time of writing.


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