Reps Adopts Electronic Voting, e-Parliament

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(Last Updated On: 2016-05-31)

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara has introduced electronic voting system in the conduct of legislative business of the House.

Dogara, who announced the adoption of the e-voting system, said it was in compliance of the 8th Assembly Legislative Agenda.

Consequently, forms have been distributed to individual members to collate their data ahead of production of e-voting cards to all the 360 MPs.

The implication of the new system is that records of each member’s punctuality and voting patterns can easily be accessed by his/her constituents and members of the public.

According to details of the Legislative Agenda as adopted by the 8th Assembly early in its life last year, “The 8th House commits to the use of ICT in the daily conduct of legislative activities of the House. E-parliament and e-voting platforms will be made a regular feature of the House.”

” E-voting will be used regularly during voting to properly reflect voting records of Members and parliamentary accountability. The House shall collaborate with relevant stakeholders to achieve the goal of an e-parliament.”

The e-parliament initiative will operate on the platform of modern, up to date digital technology.

Internet and intranet access supported by computerized legislative information management system will be put in place.

Other initiatives that will be introduced include the establishment and equipping of a Parliamentary Information Centre where information and documents of the National Assembly will be made available.

Doing this, will further increase citizens access to the legislature and solve the problem of public access to authentic documents of parliament.

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