Pauline Advocates 35% Women Inclusion into Govt Appointments

(Last Updated On: 2021-05-24)

To ensure equitable women representation in Government, it is important the constitution is reviewed to provide for at least 35% women inclusions in appointment offices at the Federal and State levels.

This was stated by Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen at the Joint Ministerial Media Briefing ahead of the Zonal public hearing on proposed alteration of the1999 Nigerian Constitution.

According to her, the review should start with an amendment of section 14 subsection (3) that prohibits predominance of persons from a few States, ethnic or sectional groups in the composition of the Government and its agencies to also introduce a prohibition of the predominance of any sex in the composition of the government and its agencies.

She said also, Section 14 (4) introduces the equitable representation of both sexes in the composition of government at a state, Local Government Councils, or any of its agencies. Other sections for reference include sections 147(3), 171(5), 192(2), 208 (4).

“In addition, we fully back the proposal to include Gender as a benchmark for Federal Character and related matters. And to create additional special seats for women in the Federal and State Legislative Houses, by altering among other sections, in the 1999 constitution.”



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