Paris Club Refund Diversion: Height of Impunity -Falana

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The Lagos based lawyer and human rights activist, Mr. Femi Falana, SAN, has described the alleged diversion of N19 billion from release of the first tranche of London-Paris Club refund by Nigeria’s Governors Forum, NGF, as the height of impunity.

Falana said in a statement issued in Lagos last night said, “In spite of the official pressure and blackmail mounted by a clique of power mongers on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, it is commendable that the anti graft agency was able to conduct a detailed investigation into the looting of the N522 billion London/Paris loan refund paid to the 36 states and 774 local  governments in the country.

“The alleged criminal diversion of the sum of N19 billion out of the loan refund through the account of the Nigeria Governors Forum is  the height of impunity as there is no statutory nexus between the friendly club of state governors and the Federation Account. Happily, the accounts warehousing the said sum of N19 billion in some banks have since been frozen by the EFCC.

“Once again, out of the stolen fund, the sum of N3.5 billion is alleged to have been traced to the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki and his close associates. In a dodgy and watery defence of his alleged involvement in a malfeasance that is akin to a crime against humanity, Dr. Saraki has described his indictment as ‘mudslinging’ by the EFCC.

“However, since the investigation of the monumental fraud had been concluded before the recent rejection of Mr. Magu as EFCC chairman by the Senate, the resort to vulgar abuse by the Senate president is diversionary and escapist.

“In any case, whether it is mudslinging or not, Dr. Saraki has not denied the fact that the N3.5 billion traced to him forms part of the N19 billion located in 15 frozen bank accounts.”

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