OWU Urges Fans to Associate with Nigerian Clubs Kits

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(Last Updated On: 2016-12-19)

Nahimah Ajikanle Nurudeen
One of the country’s sportswear manufacturing firms, OWU Sportswear Ventures has stressed the need for Nigerians to associate with the local clubs kits by promoting them just like the way foreign football clubs kits are used by their fans.
This according to the company informed it’s decision in helping clubs to bring their merchandise closer to their fans.
OWU took a new leap in the business of football merchandise with products of top-flight clubs for sale hoping to cash in on the growing interest in the followership of the top division by opening an outlet to cater for the demand for merchandise under its stable.
The Chief Executive Officer of the outfit, Tunji Brown, said the need to make kits accessible to fans necessitated the opening of the outlet in Lagos.
“Other foreign clubs like Arsenal, Man United have their kit outlets in Nigeria and very accessible to fans unlike clubs within the country,” Brown said. “We want the fans to associate with the clubs and by doing that create more followership for the clubs both in the NPFL and the Nigeria National League.
“Currently we have six teams from the NPFL under OWU stable, Rivers United, Wikki Tourists, ABS, Remo Stars, Akwa United and Abia Warriors, with other 16 teams in NNL.
“The outlet is to display replica jerseys of clubs that are under our brands except if there are other clubs that want us to display their replica, then we will look into it and see how we can accommodate them.”
Speaking further, he said the agreement with the clubs was for them to set up a store in their respective states where they can display their replica jerseys for the fans to see.
He stated further that the clubs are expected to purchase 1000 jerseys that will be taken to their states and resell. Chairman of the League Management Company, Shehu Dikko, has called on Nigerian clubsides to change their habits by patronising Nigeria sportswear manufacturing firms such as Owu Sportswear Ventures.
According to him, teams can generate lots of money from sales of their team replica jerseys as it is applicable abroad and will also create strong fans base for the teams.

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