Owoyemi: People In Governance Should Rule With Fear Of God And Shun Corruption

Rev. Dr. Bayo Owoyemi
(Last Updated On: 2022-08-06)

The President and General Overseer of United Apostolic Church of Christ (UACC), Rev. Dr. James Bayo Owoyemi, recently had a media chat with some journalist in his office at Ibadan, Oyo State were he admonished those in Governance to rule with fear of God and shun corruption.

Rev. Dr. Owoyemi Also spoke on the progress of the church in the past years, he also touched on the state of the nation and advised the government accordingly.


Q1: Sir, so far, you have held crusade in the following States; Ondo, Oyo, Ekiti and anointing service in Ogun, give us an overview of activities at the crusades and your assessment of the crusades so far?

We give glory to God for the successes recorded in the previous revivals and anointing services. God proved His power and we are grateful to Him.

Q2: Sir, what are your expectations in the forthcoming UACC Mega Crusade in Lagos?

Our expectations for the coming Lagos revival is very high. We have been committing the program to the hand of God. We trust God will do more at the revival.

Q3: Sir, Alongside the crusade, you will be hosting the Supreme Executive Council meeting of the church in Lagos, from 18th to 21st August, 2022. What are we expecting at the SEC meeting?

Lagos is the General Headquarters of our church. At Lagos we deliberate and take final decisions on important issues relating to operations of the Church. The meeting has been going on since inception of the church. We have planned it in such a way that revival will not affect the meeting. The meeting is the last meeting before our General Convention that will come up in November at Akure, Ondo State

Q4: Sir, most Pastors in UACC seems to be more committed and dedicated in accomplishing your set goals and objectives now, what is the secret?

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When one sets a clear goal and determined to achieve the objectives, people will definitely key in to the idea. Ministers of God in UACC are aspiring for the growth of the church. So, it’s what many have been expecting. I believe this why they quickly attached themselves to the progressive works.
More importantly, when God is involved, result is inevitable. Our secret is God

Q5: Sir, your relationship with the youths of the church has been remarkable. Can you let us know the reason?

I have been actively involved in matters relating to the youth even before, I became the General Overseer. More so, the youth have been yearning for new innovations in the church. Now that these are evolving, they are encouraged the more.

Q6: Sir, recently you announced that come next year February 2023 there will be the first Pastors’ Wife Conference in Ibadan, what do you have to say on this?

It is my desire that every organ of the church grows. No doubt, women are very crucial to the development of church. We intend to impact into the lives of our women so that they can be more useful in the Kingdom’s work.
The proposed women conference will bring together many successful women Ministers in the Christendom. Since it’s going to be the first of its kind, we are putting all machineries in motion to ensure its success.

Q7: The church is experiencing a new dawn with lots of innovations and development. What has been the secret?

As earlier said, God is our secret. However, we are striving and working towards the growth of our church. While we are prayerfully strategizing, we also involve people in our decisions.

Q8: Sir, Also, you announced at the Ekiti Trustees Meeting that Deacons and Deaconess will undergo training in September, what are the plans you have concerning them to uplift the mission?

No doubt, the church is growing and we are expecting further growth of the church. With this vision, it’s imperative we plan for the expansion. During the days of the Apostles, when church was expanding, there was need for more hands. Now that we are expanding, there’s need for the appointment of Deacons and Deaconesses to aid smooth running of the works.
Knowledge is important. It’s essential we train the people of God to be appointed in order to be effective in their assignments. This we will do in September before they will be commissioned in November during our General Convention.

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Q9: Sir, you just held your Youth Conference in Oshogbo, Osun State. What is your advice to the youth generally?

We thank God for successful completion of the youth conference. The theme was centered around the Kingdom of God which the world needs now.
The conference was full of spiritual activities which I believe every participant will never remain the same again.

My advice for the youth is that they should fully surrender themselves to God. Youth are very important to God. Unfortunately, devil has taken over the lives of many youths. I strongly enjoined them to turn to God as this is the only avenue for them to be useful for themselves and to the society.

Q10: Sir, what advice do you have for Nigerians and Politicians for 2023 elections?


Power belongs to God. Politicians should not see elections as ‘do or die’ affairs. They should rather accept whatever be the outcome of elections. More so, our politicians should be ready to serve with fear of God. Any politician planning evil in this country will surely face the wrath of God.

Q11: Sir, what advice do you have for the Governments on the rising insurgency and banditry in Nigeria?

Government and security agents must be sincere with the agenda of tackling the security issues. Government should be more proactive. The security apparatus of the country is collapsing and Government must rise to its responsibility to salvage the system. No doubt, there are saboteurs within the Government. Government should look inward and do the needful.

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Q12: Sir, what advice do you have for the Government to alleviate the sufferings of the citizens of Nigeria?

People in governance should rule with fear of God and shun corruption. The land is blessed with abundance of resources. However, few individuals are pocketing what belongs to the masses.

In addition, Government should enact policies to ensure the economy is rescued from total collapse

Q13: Sir, what is your take on Muslim and Muslim ticket?

Nigeria is a complex state with multiple religions. For the President and Vice president to be in the religion of same faith sends dangerous signals to the nation.

Q14: Kidnapping, killing of Christians and men of God by bandits and terrorists in the Northern parts of the Country. What is the Christian bodies in the country doing to protect them?

Bible didn’t oppose self-defense. I encourage Christians to ensure adequate securities are in place in their various parishes. We should not totally depend on Government’s securities as this seems to have failed us.

Q15: Sir, to what extent have the Christian bodies moved to compel the Government to protect the Christians and members of the public?

This is a major responsibility of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). The body should work with Government and sensitize their members on how the Christian institutions will be protected.

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