NCS tasks undergraduates to improve on IT technical know out

Abuja 2016
NCS national Conference
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(Last Updated On: 2016-08-27)

Nahimah Ajikanle Nurudeen

Nigeria Computer Society, NCS has urged Nigeria’s Computer Science undergraduate in tertitary universities to be up to task in the area of Information Technology.

The president Nigeria Computer Society, Professor Sola Aderounmu stated while addressing newsmen about the outcomes on the just concluded 26th National conference and 49th Annual General Meeting, held in Abuja.

Aderounmu said the low patronage of Nigeria computer science undergraduate in developing good local content is because some of them do not what it requires to program software.

“Majority of our students are not ready to learn what they want is to make money quickly.” He said.

He urged graduates of computer science to think of the box and try to make themselves ready for the information technology market.

However, he advised directors of  universities to upgrade their facilities for teaching the students, adding that some of the local content software done in the past are not standard.

“They are not up to develop standard applications software, that is why people don’t patronize.” He said.

Afterwards, he said  NSC has in place educational programs for students which they can benefit from.

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