NCC Reiterates Commitment To Collaboration On Safe, Secured Cyberspace 

(Last Updated On: 2022-05-24)


Maryam Aminu

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has said that it would work with all stakeholders to ensure a secure cyberspace and infrastructure that is safe for the operators and consumers of communications services in Nigeria.

The Chief Executive Officer,  Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC),  Engr. Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, FNSE, FRAES, FNIEE, FAEng stated this while delivering his speech at a two-day symposium on internet governance and safeguarding the cyberspace organised by the Attorneys General Alliance–Africa (AGA|AFRICA) in collaboration  with the commission held at Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, on 23rd May, 2022.

According to him, the Internet with all its opportunities has created a complex and dynamic cyberspace with digital risks which the key stakeholders must be fully aware of.

He said the NCC as a regulator is working with other stakeholders on a strong cybersecurity framework alongside the digital plans to prevent malicious actors and to reinforce protective facilities to curb threats to cybersafety.

Danbatta stated that the symposium was expected to dwell on the place of the internet, internet governance and the necessary steps towards getting a standardised cyber insurance policy.

He said: “This symposium therefore aims at delivering on the following fronts: advocacy to enhance public awareness of the place of the internet and internet governance in modern economies like ours and the role of cybersecurity, governance, coordination,fostering strategic initiatives and partnerships for the protection of critical national information infrastructure, encouraging lawyers and law enforcement agencies to monitor the enforcement of the existing laws and exposing them to latest prevention and detection technologies in promoting deterrence and ensuring effective prosecution where such crimes occur.”

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Speaking further, Garba expressed hopes that at the end, the symposium would deliver robust cybersecurity strategies, policies and laws.

“Any country looking for growth and a competitive edge must use digital technologies, in multiple areas to drive efficiency. But the key to success is having a strategic approach. Risk management, security and good project management of any investment in digitalization/digital transformation must be properly considered if the benefits are to be realized.

They must understand that these new processes bring different ways of working, new training requirements, and crucially, new risks.”

The commission desire to fortify security and operational resilience for government and for businesses as they move forward in this digital transformation, we believe that robust cybersecurity strategies, policies and laws will make Nigeria more resilient and we rely on you to formulate the “how”, he said.

Reacting to the workshop, Garba said several policy and regulatory initiatives of Government in Nigeria are focused on harnessing the cyberspace and ensuring that the dividends of digital economy cascade to the citizens.

The commission had recently successfully auctioned the 3.5 GHz spectrum for deployment of Fifth Generation (5G) Technology to support the delivery of ubiquitous broadband services in the country. Not resting on its oars, the Commission has through the instrumentality of consultation and international best practices made tremendous milestones in the areas of Standards, Information Security, Consumer Protection and Regulatory Excellence generally.

“We are happy to state that Nigeria’s speed is good, yet more is required. For NCC, this journey is towards the promotion of ICT innovation/investment opportunities and facilitation of strategic collaboration/partnerships. We also aim to establish a society characterized by the guarantee of safety and privacy, and low levels of cybercrimes to ultimately facilitate Nigeria’s aspiration to economic prosperity, he added.

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Speaking further, Garba noted that the Symposium is expected to deliver a robust cybersecurity strategies, policies and laws which will further guide government on effective cybersecurity framework.

Representative of the CEO, Africa Attorney Alliance, David Blake and a legal practitioner, Anthony Idigbe, identified guidelines needed to accelerate institutional capacity needed to combat cybercrime, as well as providing effective justice delivery.


He maintained that the role of internet governance could be achieved through capital development.

Also speaking, AGA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), David Blake outlined the guidelines needed to accelerate institutional capacity to combat cybercrime, as well as providing effective justice delivery.

Blake, who was represented by Anthony Idigbe, said it was expected that the outcome of the two- day workshop will provide effective strategies to curb transnational crime using necessary legal instruments.

“I wish to say that discussions, training and conversations on cyber security can never be too much. Technology is now at the center of operations in commerce, trade, healthcare, transport, communications and life itself. AGA Africa can testify to it. When the lockdown occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, AGA quickly leveraged and used Cyberspace and the internet to continue to provide services. All its programs became virtual. We are happy that today, we are having this particular training in person.”

“Cyber insecurity is no respecter of borders. It is something that goes across borders and therefore, the need for collaboration such as the one we are having today. So we need to continue to examine and re-examine the role of internet governance against the cyber security challenges in creating a safe cyberspace,” Blake stated.

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He assured Africa of its continuous support and partnership to curb cyber insecurity.

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