Media Personnel Receives Training On Infodemics

(Last Updated On: 2022-05-21)


The Breakthrough Action Nigeria, a non- governmental organisation, in collaboration with the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has trained 47 media personnel on infodemics management systems for COVID-19 emerging and re-emerging diseases.

The Plateau coordinator of the organisation, Dr Catherine Igho on Saturday in Jos, said that the essence of “the training is to equip journalists who serve as the bridge between the public and the medical professionals

“This is to ensure that they give the right information to counter the misinformation that spreads during disease outbreaks”.

Igho defined infodemics management as a way of controlling the type of information that could occur during disease outbreaks and vaccination exercises.

She stressed that the training would bring a type of control to rumours that trigger misinformation and disinformation experienced during disease outbreaks and vaccination exercises that had adverse effects on the overall health of the public.

Also, Mr Abara Erim, an official with the NCDC, said the training was important for media personnel, especially for journalists as they served as a link to the populace.

Erim said that the training would also equip journalists with the requisite information to manage the rumours and misinformation spreading around COVID-19 pandemic and other priority diseases in the country.

According to him, infodemics is the abundance of information which could be accurate or inaccurate.

Erim said that the training would equip journalists with the right amount of information to disseminate to the populace to avoid confusion.

One of the participants at the training, Mr Pwanagba Agabus, a correspondent for the Daily Post, said that the training was educative, providing better understanding of reporting during disease outbreaks.

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Similarly, Ms Gwamkat Gwamzhi, a reporter with the Radio Nigeria, said that the training had enabled her to understand the dynamics of infodemics and rumour collation tools within the context of her job as a media professional.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the training had various resource persons from various fields.



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