Man seeks divorce over wife”s stubbornness

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(Last Updated On: 2016-09-15)

A 36-year-old man, Samson Ebiniyi, on Wednesday approached an Ikorodu Customary Court, in Lagos, to dissolve his 10-year-old marriage to his, estranged wife Modinat, over alleged stubbornness and arrogance

Ebiniyi, who resides at No. 7, Otunla Street, Majidun, in Ikorodu, area of Lagos State, also cited lack of motherly care for their four children as reasons for the dissolution.

At the resumed hearing, of the matter the petitioner told the court that he was fed up with his wife’s ways.

“Modinat has become used to sleeping out and does not care if her actions hurt me or the children. I cannot continue to tolerate her stubbornness toward me and her arrogance toward other people, especially my neighbours,’’ he said.

While confirming the husband’s claim, the petitioner’s witness, Happiness Otunla, said that Modinat was stubborn and adamant and had allegedly refused to heed several pieces of advice to stop her bad behaviour.

“Samson is like a son to me and he usually reports his wife to me and I have corrected Modinat many times to no avail. But, I beg this court to settle them instead and make peace reign in their home,’’ Otunla pleaded with the court.

Otunla, who was being cross-examined by Modinat’s uncle, Gbade Akintotu, told the court that both parties had at different times committed acts likely to breach the peace of the marriage.

“The two of them owe each other apologies for wrong done against each other as husband and wife. It will be in the interest of the children for Samson and Modinat to remain as husband and wife,’’ Otunla stated.

Meanwhile one of Modinat’s witnesses, Jimoh Babatunde, said that the children of the marriage would suffer psychological trauma should the court grant the application.

“We in the compound, where Samson lives, know how the children love their parents. But, Modinat, in her defence, told the court that the petitioner did not show her enough love, saying that her husband was in the habit of threatening to divorce her at the slightest provocation.

The Court’s President, Omolara Abiola, however, urged the couple to maintain peace pending the determination of the case. She said that the next adjourned dated would be communicated to all the parties after the court receives vital information that would help it to settle the matter.

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