Jobberman trains over 280,000 job seekers, places over 130,000 in employment in 18 months

(Last Updated On: 2022-01-25)

… Jobberman Nigeria calls for more employee and government partnerships

In line with its commitment to tackle youth unemployment in Nigeria ,Jobberman has trained over 280,000 job seekers in soft skills across Nigeria and placed over 130,000 in dignified employment since July 2020 to date.

The single largest recruitment platform in sub-saharan Africa, will be actively forging new partnerships with employers and agencies to jointly combat unemployment in 2022, as unemployment figures are forecasted to reach 32.5%.

With over 2.6 million job seekers on the Jobberman platform and over 75,000 employers, the company has a unique view of the labour market and is able to identify the addressable issues to drastically improve it. Additionally, Jobberman’s extensive research in the creative, digital and agriculture sectors, which has been presented at roundtable discussions attended by reputable companies, government officials and various agencies, provides insights of the current skills and demand gaps in the three industries. The focus on these industries specifically, is down to the  potential to offer the largest employment opportunities in the country.

In partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, Jobberman has launched various initiatives targeted at both job seekers and employers as a two pronged approach in its efforts against unemployment in Nigeria. These initiatives include soft  skills training, the alliance for better work campaign, USAID’s Alliance for eTrade Development, and campaigns  targeted at narrowing the gender unemployment gap.

Commenting on the milestone, Hilda Kragha, Managing Director, ROAM Africa Jobs (Jobberman is a ROAM portfolio company) said “Reaching a milestone of 130,000 employed youth against the backdrop of a remarkably difficult period for many job seekers and employers speaks to the nature of our – jobseekers, employers and the Jobberman team’s commitment and resilience against the odds.

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As we doubled down on online and offline training, we also sought more innovative ways to place them in employment after they completed the soft skills course; our technology and expertise played a significant part in that achievement. The goal this year is to train and employ 400,000 youths and that will take greater collaborative efforts.”

Key data from the Jobberman/Young Africa Works Partnership

Total number of people trained in digital, creative and soft skills across Nigeria in 2021 was 219K+ showing a 352% increase in comparison to the number of people trained in 2020. This brings the total number of people trained since inception to 281,060.

Total number of unemployed people placed in dignified  jobs as of 2021 amounted to over 46k. Since inception, 130,264 jobseekers have been placed in dignified employment.

Data gathered shows 28,387 males and 17,749 females were placed in employment in 2021, a ratio of 1:59 which is approximately 2 males for every female employed, which greatly reduces gender unemployment in the placements.


The focus states were  Lagos, Kaduna and Kano. Over 90% of candidates in Lagos and Kaduna preferred to have their training online as against Kano where over 70% of training was done at physical locations.



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