January Transfer Window “Not Easy” — Bournemouth Boss

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(Last Updated On: 2022-12-27)


Bournemouth boss Gary O’Neil insists buying players in the January transfer window ‘is not easy’ as he aims to strengthen Bournemouth’s squad over the next month.

The Cherries were among the Premier League’s lowest spenders in the summer, with centre-back Marcos Senesi and midfielder Marcus Tavernier the notable arrivals.

O’Neil’s team sit three points above the drop zone and he will look to improve the squad as Bournemouth gear up for a potential fight for survival, but he believes doing business in the January window is not easy due to clubs not wanting to sell key players.

He said: “Every club that wants to do business would rather get it done early but there are selling clubs involved as well so it’s not always as easy as that.

“There have, of course, been discussions around the window’s approach but nothing concrete to arrive yet. The club continue to work and put us in the best place to get the work done within the month of January.

“I’m always really confident with things once I’ve done enough work on them.

“That will be the same with the recruitment, plus we have an incredible recruitment team who have a great track record with the players we have managed to recruit at the club, so the work we have done will go through a process and we will try and get the right ones.”


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