IPMAN Seeks More Time To Comply With Official Pump Price 

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(Last Updated On: 2023-02-06)

Chief Joseph Akanni, Vice Chairman, IPMAN Western Zone, made the appeal on Monday in Ibadan in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Akanni, while disclosing that all IPMAN chairmen were on their way to hold a meeting in Abuja, said that all what the association was asking was for time to sell all the products its members bought at high price.

“We have already instructed our members not to buy high-priced petroleum products. We will only be buying products from NNPC.

“We have also advised our members not to buy any products that they can’t sell at N195 litre according to the Federal Government guideline.

“Most of our members paid to the private depot owners almost three to four weeks ago and they were yet to supply them but started to supply them now.

“We have pleaded with the authority to give us time to sell off the products, this is against the backdrop that our members want to go on rampage. That is not true,” he said.

NAN reports that Nigerians have been having hard time due to the prevailing fuel scarcity and hike in the price of the product ranging from N190 to N420 per litre.


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