Huawei Wins Green Initiative Award for Telecom Industry

Huawei receiving the Green Initiative Award for Telecom Industry from TowerXchange
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(Last Updated On: 2016-10-26)

Huawei, a leading Global Information and Communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, and IHS, a global tower company as well as the biggest in Africa, were given the Green Initiative Award for 2016 by TowerXchange at the Middle East & Africa (MEA) Tower Summit Meeting held at Sandton’s Convention Centre.

The award bestows great recognition for the continuous innovative development and significant contribution to energy efficiency improvement, carbon emission reduction, and OPEX (operating expense ) saving which ensures long-term sustainability in ICT industry. This award suggests that Huawei green telecom energy solutions and products, which are focused on customer and social value have achieved a remarkable reputation in the Global Tower Company Industry.

Affected by the economic slowdown and underdeveloped infrastructure, tower companies in MEA spend an enormous amount on energy acquisition and Operation & Maintenance (O&M), with over 70% on energy alone. Measures on how to reduce this amount has been an increasing concern for tower companies and telecom operators globally.

Huawei has helped IHS deploy thousands of hybrid green Shared Sites within the past two years, bringing modern information civilization to the vast land of Africa. When compared to the traditional Diesel Generator (D.G.) solution, Huawei green solutions are capable of not only cutting down fuel cost but also slashing 70% to 90% of O&M expense and over 70% carbon dioxide emission in regions without reliable mains or with no mains.

As a leading ICT solution provider, Huawei continuously undertakes its responsibility on energy-saving and emission-reduction initiatives, making great efforts to set the standard for energy efficiency at future sites. Huawei will keep sustaining innovation on green energy solutions, to promote a more reliable, more efficient, and a more simple ICT industry.

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