GAW Tasks Nigerian Military to Exterminate Boko Haram

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In spite of the progress recorded in war against terrorism, the Global Amnesty Watch (GAW), London said Nigerian military needed to do more to drive the Boko Haram insurgents into extinction.

GAW Representative on African Affairs, Mr. Tom John Lever, disclosed this in Abuja at the official presentation of the independent assessment of the Nigerian military’s war against terrorism.

The report presented in partnership with Centre for International Strategic Studies (Abuja), was a review of the activities of the Nigeria military especially on human rights and humanitarian issues in the North-east since the inception of the insurgency.

According to Lever, “the current administration promised to fight the Boko Haram insurgency when it was sworn-in on May 29, 2017. In line with this promise, a notable shift in strategy and outcomes was noticeable, especially from when the military chiefs were changed.”

He noted that GAW having closely monitored the period preceding the current administration, its military operations against the Boko Haram insurgents, the humanitarian and internal displacement from the crisis, and government efforts to curtail all these, compiled reports on Nigeria’s counter insurgency war.

GAW stated: “In the period under review, the military has recorded some progress even though more can be done to accelerate driving Boko Haram into extinction.

“The military operation in the northeast has successfully liberated the towns and villages that came under the control of insurgents.

“A first batch of 21 Chibok Girls have been freed followed six months later with another 82 of the girls freed. As at May 2017, 11,894 other hostages of the terror group had been freed. Hundreds of other hostages have been freed in the period since then.

“Several Boko Haram fighters with their commanders (amir) have surrendered, been captured or killed. Many others fled underground and are hiding among civilian population and in refugee camps.

“The US government, which earlier blocked sales of arms and hardware to Nigeria has softened its stance and the embargo has been lifted. The deal for the sale of A29 Super Tucano aircrafts to Nigeria’s military is a direct outcome of the notable changes the world has seen both in the improved due diligence that eradicate corruption in military procurement and improved human rights records that meet international standards”.

The international rights group recommended that the military must continue to do the needful to ensure that the civilian population remain protected from insurgents, and the adherence to the rules of engagement along the current levels should continue.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor Trustee, Centre for International and Strategic Studies, Prof. Shuabu Danfulani, said that there was no doubt that the insurgents capacity had been degraded and that the Sambisa forest that looks like a forest of no return had been captured.

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