FUNAAB Matriculates 4,324 Students

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… As 11th Commencement Lecturer Urges Newly-Matriculated Students Not to Limit Themselves

By Olaoye Oyewole & Femi Dansu

The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), on Thursday, February 28, 2024, matriculated 4,324 students for the 2023/2024 Academic Session, signifying the importance of ambition and responsibility.

Addressing the gathering, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Babatunde Kehinde stressed the solemnity of matriculation, reminding students that it marks not just admission but also a commitment to abide by the University’s rules and regulations.

He emphasised the significance of compliance, and he reiterated that “Anyone who does not sign the Matriculation register is not our student.”

Prof. Kehinde outlined the University’s expectations, urging students to familiarise themselves with University guidelines, including respect for campus infrastructure and adherence to dress codes.

He highlighted ongoing efforts to enhance pedestrian safety and encouraged students to utilise designated walkways. His words, “Let me particularly draw your attention to the very high vehicular movement in and out of campus. You would have noticed the efforts of Management in ensuring your safety as pedestrians through the construction of a befitting walkway right from the main gate to the central bus stop within the campus.”

Besides, he emphasised the University’s zero-tolerance policy towards anti-social behavior and improper attire, warning of disciplinary measures for transgressors.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Babatunde Kehinde giving the VC’s speech during the Ceremony.jpg
Prof. Kehinde reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to upholding academic excellence and fostering a conducive learning environment.

Delivering the University’s 11th Commencement Lecture, titled “No Limit,” Mr. Theophilus Adewale Onadeko, a seasoned Finance and Agribusiness Executive, urged matriculating students to aspire beyond conventional boundaries.

Encouraging them to set ambitious goals and pursue them with determination, he stressed the importance of surrounding oneself with positive influences.

Mr. Onadeko, a 1999 graduate of FUNAAB challenged students to reject limiting beliefs, particularly the notion that success can only be achieved overseas.

He reiterated the need for collective action to improve Nigeria’s prospects, urging students to embrace their role in nation-building.

The Commencement Lecturer further urged the students to transcend socioeconomic barriers and take ownership of their futures, urging the students to shun social vices and strive for excellence.

According to him, “Your achievements would bring pride to both your families and the University.”

The Matriculation Ceremony concluded with a renewed sense of purpose among the students, who pledged to uphold the University’s values and pursue their aspirations with vigour.

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