Farmers Lament Incessant Overnight Grazing in Kebbi

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(Last Updated On: 2016-12-17)


Worried over persistent destruction of their farm produce by cattle breeders in Kebbi State, farmers in Zagga district of  Bagudo Local Government Area have called on government to come their aide.

The District Chairman of All Farmers Association (AFAN) in the area, Gazali Abubakar  disclosed to newsmen on Friday in Zagga village that the situation was becoming unbearable for the

He lamented instances of cattle breeders engaging in midnight grazing on their farmlands, adding that usually perpetrate the act when the farmers have gone to bed.

Abubakar said that many farmers in the area had lost significant quantity of farmland and produce, stressing that the development has discouraged some AFAN members from partaking in agriculture.

Also speaking, district head of Zagga, Mainasara Zagga, confirmed the incidences, saying that the matter has been reported to the police.

He called on the state Government to revive cattle routes with a view to safeguarding the farmers as well as preventing unnecessary clash between the farmers and the cattle breeders.

The district head also called on the affected farmers to exercise patience and caution as government is working towards handling the matter urgently.

Some of the affected farmers, Bello Umar and Aliyu Zagga, explained that they lost farm produce worth hundreds of thousands of naira as a result of the overnight grazing on their farmlands.

According to them, several complaint letters were submitted to authorities concerned but no action was taken to address the matter.

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