Expect Abundance of GM Beans By 2019, Biotech Agency Tells Nigerians

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(Last Updated On: 2016-11-24)

Nahimat Adekoga

The National Biotechnology Development Agency on Wednesday informed Nigerians to expect abundance genetically modified by 2019.

The NABDA Director General, Prof Lucy Ogbadu who stated this at the November edition of Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) noted that the beans would be available in commercial quantity across Nigerian markets on or before 2019.

She alley fears public fear on safety of GMO foods saying that the cowpea, which is currently undergoing field trials, is safe and wouldn’t pose any health risk to Nigerians.

Ogbadu said, “Rules are being followed in its production. Our Ethical Committee is working day and night to ensure that no rule is breached. Nigerians should be rest assured that the GM beans and other crops which will be available later in the country would be safe for consumption. In 2-3 years’ time, cowpea should be ready in commercial quantity in the country.”

She dismissed “the insinuation” that GM foods are unhealthy; saying over 100 Nobel Laureates had signed a petition to guarantee its safety.

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