Etisalat Unveils Self-Service App, ‘MyEtisalat’

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(Last Updated On: 2016-10-31)

Etisalat Nigeria has unveiled a self-service platform known as ‘MyEtisalat’.

The service according to the operator, was in furtherance of its unwavering commitment to continuously deliver superior experience to subscribers on its network.

The Chief Product and Information Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Otuyemi Otule, described the platform is an industry game changer because it simplifies the experience and journey of Etisalat customers across its various digital platforms.

He said Etisalat self-service platform gives customers full access to their account information and available services.

Otule explained that the platform which can be accessed through an app and on the web, empowers Etisalat customers with a vast bouquet of features and functions.

These he stated would allow customers to manage all their Etisalat services without the need to remember, text or dial any codes.

He said, “The platform was developed as a result of intelligence generated from customer feedback and surveys. This is proof that Etisalat is a brand that cares about what its customers are saying and feeling and strives to respond to their feedback.”

Otule said further that ‘My Etisalat’ service provides convenience and ease to subscribers while the service covers various segments of Etisalat business offerings such as prepaid, post-paid, airtime, data, roaming and value added services with features and functions second to none in the mobile telco space.

Otule said, “With the innovative service, Etisalat customers can now also enjoy greater value when they use the platform as it gives them control over their preferences on the network. The self-service platform also offers unique security features that enable customers to disable their devices if stolen.”

He said ‘MyEtisalat’ app is available on all major application platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

He further informed that the app is zero-rated, which means customers do not need data to use the application or to have an Etisalat SIM physically on their device to access this service on the web.

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