E-commerce: Max Eats, Super Fast Food Delivery Debuts

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(Last Updated On: 2016-12-13)



The ongoing shift from offline retail to eCommerce in Nigeria and Africa at large, brings with it, unique opportunities and challenges. Sadly, certain obstructions can serve as bottlenecks that stifle growth and slow down the much needed rapid development Africans desperately need.

One of such challenges is the problem of logistics, distribution and package delivery. As much as the ecommerce market has grown, and it has grown a lot over the last 3 years, customers still decry average (at best) customer service and poor logistics services provided by ecommerce stores and retail outlets taking advantage of the internet to engage consumers. Though admittedly the situation has slowly improved over the years, experts and stakeholders all agree that there is still much to be done. Of course, the retail businesses are not totally to blame, as they suffer from massive infrastructural deficit, lack of buyers’ trust, bad road networks amongst other things. This is where we at Metro Africa Express (MAX) have carved a niche for ourselves.

MAX has been solving the delivery problem effectively for a year now and is ready to apply that wealth of expertise in providing best-in-class last mile delivery to the online food ordering space. Food delivery poses a unique problem as it is a highly time sensitive enterprise. You had better deliver the food on time or not at all. With the proliferation of mobile technology, ordering food or anything for that matter has never been easier and more convenient. With better mobile apps, more distribution channels and ubiquity of the internet, anybody can place an order and get their food with just a few swipes and clicks.

MAX Eats is here to make that process even more seamless and straightforward, making deliveries in as fast as 30 minutes. We can make bold claims like this because since we kicked off operations, we have successfully cut the average delivery time for non-food items from 4 days to 3 hours. Software is a key driver of the new gig economy, as such we can boast of one of the most secure, best designed and easy-to-use eCommerce mobile apps in Africa – MAX Eats, plus a network of professional dispatch riders.

An inalienable truth is that Nigerians love great food, from continental traditional dishes, to more urban delicacies, and you can include a plethora of foreign cuisine and even more. There has never been a better time to be a foodie. At MAX Eats, we are building an exciting community of unabashed food lovers.

We are glad to formally unveil MAX Eats, the dedicated food delivery platform from Metro Africa Express. The MAX Eats app is available for download on ios – https://appsto.re/ng/7sfqfb.i and android – goo.gl/SOvPbY. Sign up now and get great discounts from an impressive array of delicacies from your favourite restaurants and eateries. We’ve partnered with top class restaurants such as The Place, Shawarma Express, Tasty Fried Chicken, 01 Shawarma, Pattaya Oriental and a host of others. We accept payments online and will refund you in the highly unlikely event of a failed delivery. MAX Eats delivers in as fast as 30 minutes!


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