Dredging of Rivers Niger, Benue Key to Social Mobility- Expert

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(Last Updated On: 2016-11-14)

Nahimat Adekoga

The Federal Government has been advised to embark on dredging of rivers Niger and Benue to enhance water transportation across the country.

A maritime expert and the Deputy Director, Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement Division, Nigeria Shippers Council (NSC),Chukwuemeka Agu, made call on Sunday.

According to him, there is urgent need for excavation of the rivers in Lagos because of the difficulties in navigating the two main rivers.

This he said hinders social mobility and if the rivers are being dredged, it would encourage social and economic activities as well as bring about inter-state transport and communal trade along coastal lines which would foster ties and promote national integration.

He said, “With the dredging of the waterways, much pressure will be taken away from our roads as commodities from the coastal communities can get to city centres through the sea. Also, Tourism is another area dredging of the rivers can improve as many of the nation’s tourism sites can be reached through the coast line on boat.”

Agu noted that boat cruise has become a way of life for Egyptians, adding that Nigerians could also enrich their lifestyle with boat cruising.

He said with good navigation lines across the states, ferrying of persons, goods and services could be attractive as investors would be sure of returns on investments.

Agu opined that waterways remain a good alternative mode of transportation and mobility which would further provide jobs for teeming idle seafarers that would likely take up transport jobs in the sector.

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