DG SON Seeks Inter-Agencies Collaboration At Borders

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(Last Updated On: 2016-11-26)

Abolaji Adebayo


The Director General and Chief Executive of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON, Osita Aboloma, has called on all agencies in charge of borders to strengthen their collaboration in their fight against importation and smuggling of substandard goods into the country.

Addressing the agencies including Customs, NAFDAC, NDLEA, and others at both Idiroko and Seme borders yesterday, Aboloma said the synergy would safeguard the nation’s economy as well as the wellbeing of the Nigerian citizens.

He reminded the agencies that they were all working for the government and the Nigerians helping the economy to grow by flushing out fake and substandard products out the country.

While appreciating the NCS for collaborating with the SON and other agencies at the borders and allowing them to do their jobs, the DG said the agencies needed to do away with inter-agency rivalry and work as a team to achieve the common goal of building the nation.

He charged them to be more dutiful as the economy of the country is now at its recucle stage, moving from one product to many products through diversification.

He said, “The goal and focus of all of us remain the same. We are all working for government and our aim is to protect economy and wellbeing of Nigerians. Our responsibility must be higher now, we must always checkmate whatever comes into Nigeria now. If we allow any substandard products into our country, they will ruin our economy without remedy.”

Meanwhile, Aboloma noted that all the agencies concerned together with the NCS have been trying to keep the country and the economy safe by working together to prevent influx of fake products.

He said other sister agencies of SON were also ambassador of quality and must not compromise quality in all products. He admonished them to always do the right thing to make the synergy a worthwhile, charging them to let the change mantra start from them.

However, the Deputy Comptroller at Idiroko Border,  DC Muhammed Gaginyo, lamented that the disgraceful condition of the road that linked Idiroko border to Ogun State has been discouraging importers and exporters from trading through Idiroko border and as such affecting their work and revenue generation. He used the opportunity to appeal to the government to reconstruct the road for smooth business transaction through the border. He also promised the SON DG that the NCS would strengthen its collaboration with SON at the border.

Also speaking at Seme Border, the Customs Area Comptroller, Seme Border, Dimka Victor David, declared that no single agency could tackle the issue of contraband and substandard good at the border, hence, the NCS has been seriously working with the SON at the border to make sure all things were in order.

He therefore promised that the Customs would never disappoint the SON boss, saying it would continue to involve the agency in all examinations of any goods especially as concerns the agency.

He said the SON’s officials at the border have been wonderful, diligent and supportive, saying he would want the agency to remain permanent at the border.

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While appreciating the SON DG for his visit to the border, he disclosed that no other DG has done such since he assumed office.

Meanwhile, to be more effective and efficient in their job, the SON boss promised his staff members at the Idiroko border that he would provide with a large space and required equipment. He also charged the Director of Construction Management, SON, Eng. Karim Bello to, as a matter of urgency, do the estimation of what would cost to complete the SON’s Seme borders office building, which has been abandoned, prosing to complete and commission the building next year March.


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