Democracy Day: Ireti Urges Nigerians to Remain Committed To Ideals Of Democracy

(Last Updated On: 2023-09-16)
Nigerians have been urged by Sen. Ireti Kingibe (LP -FCT) to remain committed to the ideals of democracy as it remained the best form of government.
Kingibe, whose victory in the Feb. 25, Senatorial election was affirmed by the Elections Petitions Court on Tuesday, made this call in a statement to mark the International Democracy Day.
She said  that in spite of  the hiccups and challenges faced by the nation since its return to democracy, Nigeria has held together and fared better under civilian democratic rule than it did under authoritarian regimes.
“As we mark the International Day of Democracy, it is fitting that we celebrate the gains achieved by our adherence to the rule of law.
“It  is indubitable that we are not where we had expected to be when we commenced this democratic journey in 1999,.
“However, we have certainly made progress in terms of greater respect for the rule of law,  the dignity of the human person, and the fundamental human rights of Nigerians.
“We must consolidate on these gains as we press for more commitment from everyone including governments across all levels, for greater tolerance and acceptance of our ethnic and religious diversity,”she said.
According to Kingibe ,it is an incontrovertible fact that the things that bind Nigerians together  are far more resilient than the centrifugal forces threatening the country’s unity.
“If we stand firm , together, we will defeat these forces, and only then can our nation fulfill its manifest destiny of being the voice of black people everywhere in the world.”
 Kingibe assured residents of Abuja that her tenure as their representative would usher in an era of improved security, healthcare, peace as well as provision of social infrastructure in the Federal capital.
She promised to hold the mandate given to her by FCT residents sacred and  to  fully discharge the mandate to their  satisfaction .
She said she would work relentlessly with her  colleagues in the National Assembly and members in the executive branch of government, to ensure qualitative improvement in the well-being of  FCT residents.

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