Data Protection Culture: NDPC Reopens Registration Portal for Intending DPCOs

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The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) announces the reopening of registration for Organizations interested in becoming Data Protection Compliance Organizations (DPCOs).

This decision comes as part of NDPC’s commitment to fostering a culture of accountability and transparency in data processing practices across Nigeria.

The registration portal, which was previously closed in 2023, has been revamped to accommodate new DPCO applicants.

Through a robust Public-Private Partnership model, NDPC licenses private organizations to monitor, audit and report on compliance by Data Controllers and Data Processors in accordance with Section 33 of the Nigeria Data Protection Act, 2023. This unique model, exclusive to Nigeria, has garnered attention from Data Protection Authorities worldwide.

With an estimated 500,000 Data Controllers operating in Nigeria, the demand for DPCOs has never been higher. Currently, NDPC has licensed approximately 183 DPCOs, leaving significant room for additional partnerships.

Beyond regulatory compliance, NDPC envisions the registration of new DPCOs will act as a catalyst for nurturing a robust data protection culture in Nigeria. By promoting awareness, conducting audits, ensuring compliance, and enhancing capacity-building initiatives, DPCOs contribute to safeguarding individuals’ privacy rights, foster trust and confidence in the digital space, and uphold legal and ethical standards in the data protection and privacy ecosystem.

Prospective DPCOs are encouraged to visit to commence the registration process.

Adamma Isamade
Ag. Head, Legal, Enforcement & Regulations

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