CWG Develops Solution to Track Products for Manufacturing Firms

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(Last Updated On: 2016-12-05)

Nahimah Ajikanle Nurudeen

CWG Plc, said its SMERP Product Distribution Management system has been strategically designed to manage the stock movement for manufacturing companies and their distributors.

Mr. Rasheed Salawu, business director, Emergent at CWG, who disclosed this in an interaction with some newsmen at the company’s corporate headquarter in Lagos, explained that the solution allows manufacturers like FMCG and pharmaceutical companies to keep track of stock movement from warehouse to distributor location and retailers.

“The SMERP solution is part of CWG change of business trend to using an indigenous solution to solve local challenges. The solution allows the manufacturer to define their distributors, define different stock codes and maintain a re-order level. It gives the user a dashboard with which it can directly monitor their distributor’s stock activities and as well help prioritize products to be manufactured,” said Salawu.

He added that the SMERP Product Distribution Management System enables the distributors to automate their ordering and sales process, which creates efficiency in ordering and delivery for the distributors as well as keeping an online-real time comprehensive business record.

Speaking further, Salawu noted that some of the key features of the SMERP Product Distribution Management system include automatic generation of customer orders, automatically sends mail alert on customers’ orders to the manufacturer for their review and confirmation and generates picking slip and mail notification to warehouse agent.

The Pan-African IT Company, which is also working on a solution to address transportation and health care challenges in Nigeria, said apart from the system being customized to suit unique business requirements of distribution companies, it also allows the mailing and downloading of approved or confirmed customer orders.

“With the SMERP Product Distribution Management System, warehouse and supply chain managers are able to update warehouse transactions with product quantities listed on picking list. It allows updating of shipping transactions with product quantities listed on packing list and also performs entry of products returns and reasons for the return,” he stated.

Salawu also emphasized that reports can be generated using the solution. Some of the reports that can be generated according to him, are daily activity reports like customer orders, sales order, warehouse and shipping transactions.

Others are weekly and monthly summary reports, customer and sales order status reports, measurement of performance by regions to determine most profitable markets and measurement of performance by company to determine top 10 distributors.

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