Why We Choose SAHCOL As Our Ground Operations Handler- Air France-KLM

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(Last Updated On: 2016-11-17)

Nahimah Ajkanle Nurudeen

The Air France-KLM Cargo has said that its concerns for flight safety and the planned expansion of its operations in Africa informed the decision to choose Skyway Aviation Handling Co. Ltd. (SAHCOL) as its ground operation services handler.

According to a statement made available to Authentic Platform News Nigeria by the General Manager, Corporate Communications, SAHCOL, Basil Agboarumi, the airline’s Vice President, Africa, Indian Ocean and Caribbean, Jean-Jacques Castillo made the remarks when he visited the SAHCOL facilities in Lagos.

According to Castillo, one thing which is number one to Air France-KLM is flight safety and that they have left the competitor to SAHCOL to develop and expand their operations.

He stated that Air France-KLM is in SAHCOL to stay as a result counting on the SAHCOL team to make it a success.

The Vice President disclosed that Air France –KLM has a long history operating flights into Africa, promising that they will continue to build up their network into Africa.

He said the airline operates a daily flight to every main city in Africa, therefore hopes to continue to contribute in great ways to the development of the continent, seeing its presence in the African Market as quite strong.

He was accompanied on the visit by Philippe-Emmanuel Gindrat, Director, Guinean Gulf (Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria) Cargo and Gabriel Lalande, Cargo Manager Nigeria, as a follow-up to the recent relocation of the Air France-KLM Cargo to SAHCOL.

Castillo, who oversees over 64 countries where Air France-KLM operates to, said the recent move by Air France-KLM Cargo operations to SAHCOL as a major step just as he thanked SAHCOL for the support received so far.

Responding, the Managing Director/CEO, SAHCOL, Rizwan Kadri assured the visiting Air France-KLM team described the decision to choose SAHCOL as the best in assuring safe flight operations.

According to him, SAHCOL has invested a lot to guarantee them satisfaction.

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The team also took a tour through the import and export warehouses of SAHCOL, after which the visiting Vice President expresses satisfaction with the processes and facilities of the warehouse, and declaring that the SAHCOL warehouse ranked amongst one of the three best he has seen in Africa.


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