Video Watchtime on Mobile Phones Growing at 120% Yearly -Google 

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(Last Updated On: 2016-11-13)

Nahimah Ajikanle Nurudeen

Google on Saturday night said that video watch-time on Mobile Phones Growing at 120per cent on a yearly basis.

The number of hours of video content in Africa being uploaded has doubled year over year for the past two years and the audience has grown with it.

According to a post by Teju Ajani, YouTube Partnerships, SSA, the cost of data and the processing speed of many phones in Africa often make it challenging to enjoy watching video online.

This a year ago, informed the technology giant firm to roll-out YouTube Offline, which helps you enjoy a smooth, buffer-free version of YouTube during periods of low to no connectivity.

According to the statement, Google is working on more ways to help you deal with data cost and connectivity difficulties.

However, the night hosted was part of YouTube Sub-Saharan Africa Creator Awards, to celebrate the incredible creativity and talent on YouTube from across the continent.

Top artists Vanessa Mdee and Timaya shared the stage with some leading African YouTube stars including Theodora Lee, Sisi Yemmie and Tofo Tofo! Grant Hinds and ‘An African City’ star, Maame Adjei hosted the festivities, with awards for 22 categories including the channel in each country with the most subscribers.

Google also celebrated a huge milestone for Yellow Brick Cinema, who were awarded the international Gold Play Button Award for hitting 1 million subscribers.

YouTube is about the opportunity for people to express themselves. Creators across Africa are using YouTube to find their voice, connect with audiences around the world and build channels while earning revenue from it.

The event was about celebrating the award winners and creators you love, and all those who use YouTube to express themselves and who give a voice to Africa’s stories.

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