British Airways Connects Families with Joyful Reunion

L-R: Kola Olayinka, British Airways Regional Commercial Manager, West Africa, Vivian Ayeni and Barbara Ibhawoh, winners of British Airways Joyful Reunion and Amaka Badmus, Trade Account Manager, British Airways.
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(Last Updated On: 2016-10-23)

To celebrate her 80 years anniversary of flying to Nigeria, leading airline and flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom British Airways (BA) has introduced the Joyful Reunion Initiative to make it possible for long lost family members and friends in Nigeria and the UK to connect.

With the understanding that there are several friends and families in Nigeria and the UK who desire to see themselves but are unable to, largely due to lack of fund for air ticket.

The Joyful Reunion is a way of reuniting such individuals with family members in the UK that they have not seen for a long time. BA will be providing free return tickets to winners of the Joyful Reunion initiative to unite with their families, after a long period.

Speaking on the initiative, Kola Olayinka, British Airways Regional Commercial manager, West Africa, expressed, “BA sees itself as a carrier of many stories across the two countries, UK and Nigeria. Just as we have connected many lives, we are using this opportunity to connect even more lives, and this is because we understand the deep running connections of kin and kith in Nigeria, this is why as a part of the BA at 80 anniversary, the airline has introduced the Joyful Reunion Initiative to make the dreams of some individuals to see each other again, come true.”

The Joyful Reunion initiative which ran on Inspiration FM radio station in Lagos Nigeria for two weeks, was opened to the public, who called in and shared their story of a joyful reunion, and why they wanted BA to reward them with the free tickets to see their family in the UK. Stories were also received as entries via publicized emails.

The selection process for the winners of the BA Joyful Reunion initiatives was transparent, as criteria for selection were based on the emotional connection, creativity, and originality on the stories received. At the end of the competition, two winners were selected, and British Airways offered an opportunity to another person, selected a third winner that also had an exceptional story. The Joyful Reunion program came from a need reach out to individuals amid the current state of Nigeria’s economy.

The Joyful Reunion initiative is just one of the attempts of British Airways to continue our strong connection to our customers to kick-off the celebration of its 80th anniversary here in Nigeria. The activities will happen in phases and will have an impact on customers, stakeholders and the press detailing what British Airways has done from inception till date.

“Those whose entries were selected are quite elated that British Airways will be creating the opportunity for them to reunite with their family members. Their stories were truly touching and we at BA are glad that we are able to bridge the gap and create this opportunity,” says Kola, British Airways Regional Commercial manager, West Africa.



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