BRISIN flagoff delay unhealthy for governance, development  -Anthony Uwa

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(Last Updated On: 2017-01-03)


Continued delay in the flagoff for the implementation of BRISIN in Nigeria has been described as major challenge against efforts by government to conclude its programmes.

Dr Uwa Anthony Uwa, Head of BRISIN implementation in Nigeria, made this disclosure in a statement released in Abuja on Monday.

According to him, prompt implementation of BRISIN in Nigeria would assist government in curbing corruption, insecurity and engender appreciable development.

He attributed challenges of corruption, insecurity and snarled  development in the country to lack of credible data and information.

The BRISIN boss noted that most government programmes could not be fully realised due to unavailability of realistic data, therefore creating loopholes for sharp corruptive practices within public service.

“Nigerian people all over the world keep lamenting and regretting the continuous music of corruption being repeated daily in spite of administrative changes and this poses big question; What is the problem?”

“International organizations tagged Nigeria as one of the most corrupt, and investors find it difficult to believe that Nigeria delays to build the credible primary and fundamental platform to curb such illnesses and others like terrorism, criminalities and other social vices,” he said.

Uwa lamented the failure of government and a group of foreign investors from Italy, Canada and other European countries who were in the country recently over their investment in data governance to reach compromise on a flag-off date.

“The two day meeting was supposed to agree with the government for the official flag-off date, for Nigeria data governance system, BRISIN to start its implementation with direct foreign and local investors to assist because of economic contraction in Nigeria.

Uwa pointed that expectations that the policy would soon berth in Nigeria had elevated the confidence of both local and foreign investors that the country would soon change for better with data governance platform.

“Though this project has been on the pipeline for over nine years, and what everyone has been waiting for is the flagoff to confirm the willingness of Nigerian government to give credit to their change mantra, and convince the world of their readiness to fight corruption, guarantee the security and create enabling environment for investment.

Recently, the National Population Commission, NPC, a major player  in BRISIN implementation, met with the solution providers and technical partners from Italy and Nigeria on the need to start work on the digital mappings, delineation and demarcation of the FCT from wards to council areas.

With this pilot in the FCT, the BRISIN implementation is expected to spread all over the country on the approval of the Federal Government.

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“We could not imagine a country like Nigeria still delaying the flagoff of a solid investment instrument like BRISIN when they know that without it, governing a multi cultural and religious country like Nigeria would be very difficult.

The BRISIN head expressed confidence that investors understood the economic contraction and effects of correct data governance on good business, therefore, they have indicated their readiness to assist government build this vital structure provided that official date is fixed for the flag-off.

He commended the efforts of government but called for attitudinal and mental reorientation towards national development and need to reduce economic speculations, noting these are reasons why the implementation of BRISIN should not be further delayed.


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