Bierhoff Condemns FIFA Over Poor Funding of Confederations Cup 

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(Last Updated On: 2016-11-29)

Abiodun Jimoh


Germany General Manager, Oliver Bierhoff, has criticised Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) for its lack of Confederations Cup funding.

The World champion qualified for the 2017 Confederations Cup after winning the 2014 World Cup and next June would play their group matches against Chile, Australia and the winner of the 2017 African Nations Cup.

Germany have already dropped several hints they would field an experimental team in Russia next summer, and speaking to reporters after Saturday’s draw, Bierhoff said such a move would be justified because of FIFA’s insufficient funding for the tournament.

Bierhoff joked: “FIFA also has to cut spendings, then we can cut our squad.”

FIFA paid a starting fee of $1.6 million to every nation participating in the Confederations Cup in which the winner would receive an extra $4.1m in prize money, with the total in funding adding up to $20m.

According to tournament regulations, FIFA also covers hotel and travelling costs for a total party of 40 people for every participating country, with Germany’s total party of players and staff adding up to 60, FAZ reported.

“We’d pay extra as the association even if we win if things were to remain as they stand today. I don’t think it’s OK that we play a tournament at a difficult time and have to pay extra. We come as the world champions, a big team. We try and be friendly towards the country, and only get a $1.6m starting fee.” Bierhoff said

He also added that he believed he was speaking on behalf of other participating countries, and said that smaller associations like New Zealand are the German Football Association’s allies.

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