Aqualis Fish Feed debuts with micro extrusion technology

Aqualis Fish Feed launch
Aqualis Fish Feed launch
(Last Updated On: 2017-05-22)



Adeboye Amosu


Olam International, the leading agri-business group operating from seed-to-shelf in 70 countries recently launched the best in class and latest micro extrusion technology fish feed, Aqualis in South South and South East Markets.

Aqualis, the first offering from the animal feed investment from Olam International, has a high nutritional content and the right balance of protein that ensures better growth and high fish yield. Olam International, in reaffirming their mission of supplying food and industrial raw materials to customers worldwide have launched a fish feed that will be truly revolutionary to the development of fish farming in Nigeria.

The latest technology used in the manufacture of Aqualis is a very recent an innovation that delivers a fully floating feed which is best suited for the feeding behaviour of the African catfish.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Ashish Pande, Business Head, Olam International said that, “The micro extrusion technology also ensures the delivery of the right feed size thus minimizing wastage of the feed and maximizing profits for the farmers.

The launch events were attended by, Farmers, Fish farm business owners Distributors and  representatives from the government, particularly Mrs. Onimim Jacks, the Honourable Commissioner for Agriculture, Rivers State.

Mrs. Onimim Jacks showed admiration with the quality of Aqualis and also the scale of investment that Olam International has made in Nigeria especially in the adoption of the most modern and first-rate technology for the production of high quality feed.



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