AGIP boosts Nigeria’s SMEs Vendors Capacity

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(Last Updated On: 2016-09-17)

Over 730 vendors have benefited from the Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC/ENI) capacity development initiatives program designed to build the capacity of Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) in the oil and gas sector across the Niger Delta States,

Vice Chairman/Managing Director of Agip, Engr. Massimo Insula, at the opening ceremony of a two day Business Leadership Workshop by the oil firm for small and medium scale vendors, said the initiative was geared toward entrenching small and medium scale businesses for community content and sustainability.‎

Represented by Mr. Albert Ijuiwe, Manager, Nigeria Content Coordination District,Insula said the workshop was designed to be an inspirational program for business excellence as part of efforts to build their capacities.

As part of the two day workshop, selected business role models will make presentation to participants vendors, telling their success stories, challenges and critical factors to business survival and sustainability in the prevailing Nigerian economic environment, especially in the oil and gas sector of the oil rich region.

He said, “You will recalled that in the past, as part of Capacity Development Initiatives, we have concentrated on Vendors Development Program with 360 vendors trained so far, Vendors Awareness and Sensitization Engagement, with 250 trained so far as well as Exhibition, Gap closure and opportunities engagements, where 120 vendors participated.

Starting from 2016, we are diversifying into other areas of capacity development. Specifically, we are focused on developing and building capacities in the areas of small and medium businesses and community content with include, business development, succession planning workshop and indigenous technology forum.”

 Insula also used the opportunity to enumerate some of the initiatives of AGIP/ENI in the areas of promoting Nigeria Content Development and corporate social responsibilities, which he sad include the pioneering of an independent power plant to add to the national grid which help stimulate the economy.

“As a responsible corporate citizens, Eni has continued to ensure strict compliance with the provision of the NOGICD act by issuing internal guidelines that makes its mandatory that all departments involved in contracting processes must liaise with Nigerian Content Division in order to cross check full adherence to the provision of the act.

The Chairman of the Bayelsa State Chambers of Commerce and industry, Jonathan Omu, in his key note address, said the current economic situation rather than dampen us, Nigerians should use the opportunity to rejuvenate, rekindle and transform themselves and the system to archive success especially the vast opportunities in the agricultural sector.

He urged participants to have a greater vision and take the opportunity offered by the workshop to build themselves into the global commerce of the world and refuse to play the second fiddle or referral role.

Also speaking at the event, the Executive Secretary, Nigerian Content Development Management Board (NCDMB), Daziba Obah, said the Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria represents a critical segment of the nation business community, accounting for over 90 percent.
He said the SMEs are the economic growth drivers, with high potentials to harness local materials for production, generate wealth and engage skill and unskilled population.

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He said due to the global oil price and unstable foreign exchange market, companies are facing difficulties doing business in Nigeria, but that he said will not deter the board from encouraging and developing opportunities for SMEs and other indigenous companies operating in the oil and gas industries.

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